Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Apple cannot use 'iPhone' for its phone?

unrumor it

The inquirer suggested that Apple would be hard to use 'iPhone' which has been a trademark of a Canadian company, 'Comwave' for about two year.

The problem can be summed up by saying there is a company in Canada called Comwave. It has been using the name iPhone in the US and Canada for a while now, about two years.

Now, if you go to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (kind of like military intelligence but more evil) and so a search under Trade-Marks for iPhone, you will see three documents, an opposition, a search and an abandonment by Cisco.

The US PTO also lists two of note, one by Ocean Telecom Services and the other by Teledex LLC. It is pretty certain that the Ocean application is from Apple, but the Teledex one beat it by a year.

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