Sunday, December 17, 2006

iPhone will be named as iSongTalk

unrumor it

AAPL TOP DESIGNER (on condition of anonymity) disclosed: iPhone will use intel wiMax cheapset, goog free wiMax network,
ebay skype to make cheapest high quality talk. monthly service fee is $20, song downloading network usage is free.

iPhone will be named as iSongTalk, it will be priced at $399 for 4GB, $499 for 8GB.

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claude said...

You gotta be kidding!!

Gary said...

If you want to post a good rumor, try making up a name that has a least a possibility of being real. iSongTalk is the stupidest name I've heard of in a long time.... said...
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David Koff said...

hey, since this rumor is so full of carp, let's come up with some other funny long names that apple will never use.

how about the "italk2youOK" or the "PodTalkPhone" or the aptly named "BeefHeadMcGinty"?

good times. amongst yourselves...